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In April, I will participate in the workshop “Paperlove”. The workshop kit has arrived, so the fun can start.

Book in locket

Another example of bookbinding: For a special person I made a tiny book to fit in a small locket. The story was written by that person when he was 8 years old. The book cover is very thin leather.

Secret Belgian Binding

It is very nice to try out different types of binding. While making an example, you discover many ways of possible use for that specific binding.

Mini papercraft

These will be mini pansies. Painting the stems, coloring the petals, sticking petals and leaves to the stem takes a whole day for just a couple of pansies. The aim is to create a box full of plants. Picture of the complete box will follow when it is finished.

Repairing Bible

This old bible was not restored, because it was not valuable as such. However, it was very special for two people. Their initials were used in the design of the cover. The bible was repaired and used frequently and lovingly by the owners.


This thesis was bound as a very special document. The linen cloth was hand-painted, the headbands were hand-sewn on the book block.